Fluke Friday!
Hey, couple the fluke opener with the first segment of the sea bass season that doesn’t close until June 22 and includes a 10 at a 12-1/2 inch minimum limit, and expect the best eating of the year, especially if you have a vacuum sealer.
The Surf Is The Turf
The surf, that upper lip of the Atlantic, is in scream mode as the stripers and, yes, big bluefish, have moved in and affixed the feed bags.
Spring Critters Sprung
Lost in the rod ‘n reel and turkey season craziness is that the three-day blast of hot weather has finally brought out, in force, all creatures great and small that are walking, creeping, crawling and flying in and over the woods, fields, swamps and salt marshes.
The Blues Are Playin'
To be sure, the arrival of big-to-jumbo bluefish, a.k.a. “choppers”, and “slammers,” and then “gators” and “gorillas” is beyond eagerly anticipated.
Glad for Shad
Sort of quoting Horace Greely here: “Go west, young man and young woman, on Route 195 to Route 29, to the Delaware River to catch American shad!”
Shout Trout!
The trout season kicks off Saturday at 8 a.m., and the traditional “Opening Day” draws tens of thousands of eager anglers to stocked lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers, streams and brooks from Sussex County to Cape May County.

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