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It’s Porgy Time

With the fluke season closing September 21st, it’ll be a crazy scene out front, and semi-crazy in the inlets and upper bays, even during weekdays, as the scramble is on to get fillets for the freezer and/or possibly land that flattie of a lifetime.

Sneaking under the radar is the arrival, en masse, of scup, aka “porgies”, an incredibly popular inshore species that is fun and easy to catch, and supplies luscious fillets ideally suited to a fish fry and that late summer fave, the fried fish sandwich.

Scattered schools of porgies began filtering in a week prior to Dorian, and within a day or two of the waters settling, it’s been a rush of scup that will continue accelerating during the next few weeks.

Simple is as simple does when it comes to filling a bucket (or cooler...the daily limit is a whopping 50) with porgies: hi-lo rig baited with a piece of fresh clam or Fishbites E-Z Clam (we prefer the white, but the hot pink has worked as well), or a small strip of squid. It’s a tap-tap take, set the hook and up comes the scup. Doubleheaders are not uncommon. Predicated on the bottom current and depth, sinkers will range from 2 to up to 8-ounces.

Photo by Tom P
Photo by Tom P

The minimum possession length is 9-inches, and right now the fish being swung are up to 13-15 inches and weighing close to 1-1/2 pounds. Later in the season, especially when venturing to the deeper wrecks, expect “hubcaps”, i.e. porgies 2 to 3-plus pounds.

Right now, probe the structures and reefs anywhere from 35 to 60-feet. Drop ‘n reel fishing awaits.

No access to a boat? Hop on the Dauntless out of Point Pleasant...probably the premier porgy boat along the central Jersey coast.

Reedy Creek Guide Service
Reedy Creek Guide Service


September Goose Season Continues

With two weeks to go before the September 30 closing date, now’s the time to get in on the early resident Canada goose season. The birds are becoming more active with the shortening daylight and with the first cool down expected by next week, they’ll be moving more frequently.

Find “green”, i.e. expansive grasslands, sod fields, etc. and figure the arriving flight patterns for the morning gorge, or, locate a water body where the geese roost in the evening after the afternoon feed, set up an interception point, place the decoys and work the calls, and chances are you’ll be having grilled jalapeno ‘n cream cheese rolled goose breasts for dinner.

The daily limit is 15 birds. Unplugged shotguns holding no more than seven shells (non-toxic only; T-shot the max size), and electronic calls are allowed. Hunting hours are half-hour before sunrise to half-hour after sunset.

No time to scout? No property? Give a call to Reedy Creek Outfitters 848-992-0621. You’ll be on the birds...

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