A company that I have been lucky to work with in the past...is EXPANDING!

Do you remember the Smashin City Rage Room located at 1502 Route 37 in Toms River?

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If you don't, here is a small reminder with Episode 68 of '94 Seconds With Nicole!'

The basic premise is you gear up to BREAK THINGS...and it is rather therapeutic.

So now that you have an idea of what they are all about, I can reveal their big announcement.

At the end of July, Smashin City Rage Room is going MOBILE!

May I introduce to you The Smashin City Rage Room trailer:

Esther of Smashin City Rage Room
Esther of Smashin City Rage Room

Cool, right?

So before I show you some exclusive photos that were sent to us by one of the business co-owners, Esther Canales, let me tell you some information.

You can make reservations for this trailer now and the earliest appointment you can make with the trailer is on July 29th. Just be aware that you need to book your reservation at least two weeks in advance.

You can only book the trailer at a location that is within a 50 mile radius of their Toms River location in any direction.

And yes, there is air conditioning and heating in the trailer so you will be comfortable no matter the season.

I spoke to Esther about this new addition to their business and she said that this trailer is available for all types of celebrations and festivals.

This includes fairs, birthday parties, graduations, team building events, bachelorette/bachelor parties and if things don't go as planned, the subsequent divorce parties.

Here is the breakdown on pricing:

Wreck It Ralph- $600

60 minute session; 5 to 9 people; 180 breakables & 3 small electronics

Demolition Package - $775

90 minute session; 10 to 15 people; 220 breakables & 4 small electronics

Total Collision Package - $1,000

120 minute session; 16 to 25 people; 350 breakables & 5 small electronics

Breakables include plates, cups, mugs, wine glasses and more. The small electronics included in your package will depend on what they have available.

And while you smash, you can jam out the music of your choice.

"We decided to go mobile because we thought if you can't come to Smashin City, than we can bring Smashin City to you," said Esther Canales.
So in the words of Esther, "Work hard, smash harder!"
To make a reservation, head to their website, reach out on their Facebook Page or give them a call at (732) 590-2888.
Now let's take an exclusive sneak peek at their new trailer on the inside and out.

Smashin City Rage Room Of Toms River Is Going Mobile! See Photos Now:

If you can't make it to the rage room, the rage room can now come to you.

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