Most shore towns in NJ don't allow dogs beach access. Last summer, there was a big battle over the Fisherman's Cove beach that ended in something of a draw between dog owners and the jerks who inexplicably don't like dogs. That beach ended up being split into two sections, one where dogs could play freely and one dog-less area.

Ocean City Councilman Keith Hartzell believes that dog friendly beaches could attract more tourists to the community. Hartzell is putting out the idea of a "dogs at dusk" regulation that would allow dog access between 6 and 9pm. The town currently bans dogs on the beach all year round. A formal ordinance hasn't been proposed yet, but the councilman is aiming for dog access by next summer.

Beach-goers who want to bring their dogs would need to purchase a $10 beach badge in order to defray the costs of signs displaying rules for canine patrons and plastic bag dispensers, the report said.

Ten bucks actually seems kind of steep to me, especially if the justification is for signs and poop-bag dispensers. The rule signs are a one-time cost, and installing the bag/garbage can posts are as well. Restocking the bags themselves would be recurring, but to make us pay ten dollars each time seems a bit high.

What do you think?

Varacchi's Dogs- Sebastian and Bruno Beach puppies! (c)Varacchi