About a month ago, we told you that a local dog beach was prohibiting dogs. Shortly after, we gave an update...here's the latest news!

From the change.org petition:

Jun 9, 2015 — Thanks to everyone who signed the petitions. WE WON!!! Between the 3 petitions there were about 15,000 signatures and our voices were heard! On June 8th the Board approved a plan to designate a portion of the beach as dog free. Dog owners will be able to enjoy the Front/Beginning/East portion of the beach!!! The back portion will be preserved for other beach activities. Signs will be posted so that visitors will know which portion of the beach is designated for dog access. The leash rule remains in effect and will be enforced by the Park Rangers to ensure the safety and well being of all visitors. Until June 22nd when these changes take effect, dogs are restricted from all portions of the beach between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily.


Is it silly that I'm actually really excited about the way this turned out?  I know that internet petitions are usually regarded as superfluous, but for once it worked. I know that I always distrust politicians, and believe they never actually listen to the opinions of the people they represent, but I'll give credit to MCPS and/or the County Freeholders who made this decision.

I also realize this isn't a full "win"...the options were basically "dogs allowed anywhere but only at certain times" versus "dogs allowed any time but only in certain locations". I'm happier with this result though, because I'd rather be free to bring my dogs at noon and stay in our designated section as opposed to having to get there before 10am or wait til after 4pm.

I thank you, my wife thanks you, and my dogs thank you! We'll see you soon at Fisherman's Cove on the Manasquan Inlet!

bruno & sebastian
Bruno & Sebastian, Varacchi's dogs

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