Erynn Johns and her family were on vacation on a beach in Nantucket earlier this month when she decided to bring her camera into the water with her to film the waves when she is caught in the riptide.

You can hear her father, Derrick, yell “come on,” but she says she can’t. Erynn’s mom, Jennifer, got caught in the riptide when she attempted to help. Erynn held on to the selfie stick while her dad attempted to drag her back to shore and keep her above water.

Erynn hung on until she was rescued by another beach-goer. Her mom and dad eventually also were saved by lifeguards.


That video has some pretty scary moments as the camera spins and loses control underwater. Still, part of me kept yelling at the girl to just drop the damn selfie stick because I'm sure it prevented her from swimming at full strength.

Most importantly, don't swim when there are riptide warnings!  If you're caught in one, just swim parallel to the shore instead of trying to fight against the current.