Even though it was a strange year, and even though I am an outspoken supporter of fall and winter, I must admit, I kind of miss summer. The biggest thing I miss is getting to spend my Fridays in our RWJ Barnabas Health Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio.

The crowds weren't as big as years past, but it was still nice to see people walking or jogging up and down the boards in Seaside Park, it was nice to see people heading out to the beach when the weather was nice, and it was just nice to be working with the windows open, letting that fresh sea air blow through.

Over the next few years, things are going to look different at our Boardwalk Studio, because the boardwalk in Seaside Park is going to be getting a major upgrade!

According to ShoreBeat, the borough is expecting to pay about $6,000,000 to replace the entire length of boardwalk. The replacement will most likely not be lumber, instead going with TREX composite decking. I may be mistaken, but I was pretty sure that the area immediately surrounding the Boardwalk Studio was already TREX, but I guess if the town wants everything to be replaced at once, that's their call.

The renovation committee also wants to add lighting and speakers to the boardwalk (here's hoping we can tap into the system so the Hawk can be heard across the entire length of the boardwalk!).

I think the best part of the proposal includes repairing the public parking lots. I always park in the Municipal Lot, just south of the Sawmill, and it is in pretty rough shape. Lots of potholes, lots of cracks, just in need of some overall repair.

While the repairs would take a few years, because they could only really work in the off-season, the town is hoping to set things in motion next summer.

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