I thought I heard rumors about this a few weeks ago, but I guess it is true that beach towns up and down the Jersey Shore are hoping to extend the summer season due to the shortened season at the beaches due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seaside Heights officials are looking to keep lifeguards on the beaches after Labor Day Weekend and even possibly through mid-October.

September is one of the best months on the Jersey Shore, where the weather is still very summer-like.

Restaurant and hotel owners like this idea since they basically did zero business in April, May, and June.

According to News 12 New Jersey:

Business Administrator Christopher Vaz says the borough is in search of lifeguards and beach attendants to work through the end of September. Many of the staff members have left for school, but he feels he can adequately staff enough areas for at least a partially extended season.  

As much as I love "Local" Summer, where the things start to quiet down around the Jersey Shore, I think the business owners need the extension to try to get back some of the money they have lost since March

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Andy Chase
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