New Jersey Campgrounds & All County Parks Reopened Today
Before anyone jumps down my throat saying "old news" or "we already knew this"...slow down! And I also have no idea who those people are in that photo. LOL
Believe it or not, not everyone is constantly paying attention to what is going in the world every second of …
Another National Retailer Is Permanently Closing Stores
When I saw that Victoria Secret is closing two Hundred and fifty stores down permanently, I kind of felt something of my younger years going away too.
I think I can speak for almost any guy growing up that there was something very special when Victoria's Secret catalog arrived in the mail...
NJ Festival of Ballooning Postponed Until The Fall
It certainly has been a crazy year for the NJ Festival of Ballooning.
Late last year, The NJ Festival of Ballooning announced that there would be no festival in 2020 due to the fact that they lost their main sponsorship.
A few months later, in February, We got some exciting news that the festival will…
Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari Opens May 30th
A few weeks ago we announced that Six Flags will reopen their Safari this season with some major changes.
To maintain social distancing, Six Flags will not be using their safari trucks filled with twenty or so people. You will now be able to drive your personal vehicle through the safari...
Lavallette Boardwalk Reopens This Friday
With so much information being released every single day, it's hard to keep track of which beach, park, and boardwalk is open, and which ones remain closed.
At this time, it seems like most beaches and boardwalks have reopened in New Jersey...
Check Out What Happens When Police Arrive at NJ Gym Today
Atilis Gym, located in Bellmawr, NJ, has been in the news quite a lot lately due to the fact that the owners of the gym have been saying that they are going to open the gym today regardless of Governor Murphy's Executive order that gyms and fitness centers must remain closed...

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