Too many times we only try to improve things that are terrible. It makes sense to try to take something that is poor and then make it better. Along the way we forget to take things that are good and make them great. With Thanksgiving just behind us, I think food is a great way to highlight my point.One scientist has decided to take the world's best fruit, the grape, to an even higher level. What a refreshing take on the pure delight that is the grape. The only flaw of the excellent grape is the small size. I am sure science can make that change. Could you imagine plum sized grapes? They would be delicious, nutritious, and dominant over all other fruit. The always overrated apple will not exist if grapes become super sized. The sticky and annoying orange will also take a back seat to the new super grape.

Science has failed us in a lot of ways recently. Scientists continue to try to get revenge on us for their tough childhoods and it hurts us all. This could be a start of something special. Maybe there is no limit to the level of delicious we can reach using science. My favorite candy could improve its chocolate to peanut butter ratio to take it from excellent to perfect. What food do you want science to improve? Is the grape the world's best fruit?