Just the other day I was talking with a coworker about how downtown Toms River has changed over the past few months. There is a bit of energy to downtown that had been lacking lately, and while it's weird to say that COVID and the pandemic restrictions were the cause, it's pretty much true. With restaurants not being able to let diners inside, the town made the decision to close some of the streets every Friday for outdoor dining. A lot of the eateries in the area joined together to create something nice, and it's been cool to see it happen.

Downtown Toms River will dive into the Halloween spirit once again with the annual Scarecrow Walk!

From October 13th through October 31st, lampposts all around downtown will be decorated with scarecrows. This gives you about a week to plan the ultimate scarecrow for your chance to win up to $200! Every scarecrow will be voted on by (1) the Public and (2) the Judges. The People's First Place scarecrow will win $100, Second Place will win $75, and Third Place will win $50. The Judge's prizes are the same, so if you have the best scarecrow and pull off a clean sweep, you could win both prizes!

There are a few restrictions: scarecrows must be family-friendly, so no gory terrifying monsters. Scarecrows that reflect controversial social, religious, or political situations will not be accepted, and the town has the right to reject any scarecrow.

The contest is open to all ages, and there's no entry fee, but you do have to register in advance. You can get all the details HERE.

Thanks to my coworker Sue @ WOBM for the heads up!

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