As the kids say "get in my belly."

Good news - a popular Lavalette sushi restaurant will be opening a second location in Downtown Toms River this Summer!  According to a Facebook post from Sáfu Sushi, they'll be opening at 10 Washington Street!

Check out the announcement below:

Their Lavalette location is only open seasonally, so I'm wondering if the Toms River spot will be open year-round - fingers crossed!  It's so exciting to see more restaurants coming to that area.  There's already a good selection of food to choose from, so this will bring over even more business!  I also read that Downtown Night Out will be back in May, so hopefully, Sáfu Sushi will be open in time to join the festivities.

According to Sáfu Sushi's website, they'll have a raw bar and full service at the Toms River restaurant.  Have you seen their menu?  Their Facebook page and website had a lot of pictures of their appetizing dishes.  They've got unique options like a Sushi Bagel, and Sushi Pizza which sounds really cool.  And for dessert, I'm feeling the mochi ice cream, but the dragon eggs which is a "baked crumble fudge cookie topped with coffee or green tea ice cream and dipped in Belgium chocolate" sounds to die for too.  Delicious, and I'm sure, Instagram photo-friendly!

There's no specific opening date for Sáfu Sushi just yet, but I know I'll be keeping an eye out on its socials for any new information!  Will you be hitting up Sáfu Sushi once it's here?

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