We're all sick of the construction around Route 37 and Route 166, but even as that work seems to be speeding up, there are still tons of problems all along Route 37 in Toms River.

I fully understand that the crazy weather we had exacerbates the pothole problem. When we get snow followed by 60 degree days followed by freezing rain, the fluctuating temps and precipitation lead to cracks in the blacktop which grow more and more with each temperature swing and each car that drives over.

Still, it's ridiculous that the township leaves these giants potholes that can damage vehicles and injure people.

Kevin Fries and his girlfriend Leeza Ziemski were riding their motorcycles eastbound on Route 37. Leeza was ahead of Kevin, and he was recording the ride with his GoPro, so we can see first-person POV footage of this scary accident.

Kevin also shared a slo-mo version of the crash.

Wow. Ms. Ziemski is literally lucky to be alive. If Fries hadn't reacted as quickly as he did, he could have easily run right over her head. Both riders were lucky that no other cars ran them over, too.

According to Patch, the NJDOT has fast-tracked a maintenance project to resurface Route 37 in both directions this summer.

Potholes on state highways can be reported using the DOT's online form or by calling 1-800 POTHOLE.

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