Everyone is talking today about the post game interview Seattle Seahawks Cornerman Richard Sherman had with Erin Andrews last night after the game was over and the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49'ers to play in Superbowl XLVIII to face the Denver Broncos on Feb 1st.

Sherman made an incredible play against 49'ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree to seal the victory for the Seahawks. After the game was over, Sherman swatted Crabtrtee on the butt, and then extended his hand to say "Good Game" Crabtree took exception and shoved Richard Sherman's face. After that, Sherman exploded on live TV. If you live under a rock, and you haven't seen it yet, Check it out

Like I said....This is the most talked about video today, so some people decided to have some fun with it

A lot of people have been calling Sherman a thug today, and classless,, but before you rush to judgement, check out this article from Forbes.com, and from Richard Sherman's personal Blog