You may know me as Mike Krenek, host of the Bruce Brunch/one of Tiger Beat's "Hottest FM Hunks" for 12 consecutive years, but whenever my nose catches a whiff of a good bet, I enter a fugue state and wake up covered in loose money, dressed as a riverboat gambler. I've taken to calling this persona/developing mental health crisis "The Sharp" and he does one thing and one thing only: He makes money. And now you, the lucky listeners of 105.7 the Hawk, can get in on the action. When I awoke from my latest episode, I found this scrawled on my wall:


Looking at the latest odds on the biggest books, looks like the Sharp is encouraging us to take:

D. Singletary: U 34.5 yards

D. Singletary: U 0.5 Rush TDs

D. Singletary: U 2.5 Receptions

D. Singletary: U 15.5 Receiving Yards


Seems the Sharp is down on Devin, with good cause. Despite a little flurry of overs last week inflating the market, Singletary has seen his usage drop this year and has gone 0-4 on his props 4 out of his last 6 games. Spread your coin around and bet all four separately (more $$ on the rushing side) because parlays don't build bankrolls, they build sportsbooks.

On behalf of The Sharp, this is Mike Krenek reminding you that the gambler always picks his own pocket. Happy betting.

*Please bet responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1800-GAMBLER*


Mike Krenek
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