NJ Sports Betting Program Dealt Setback
A federal judge on Thursday upheld a 21-year-old law prohibiting sports betting in 46 of 50 states, dealing a setback to New Jersey's attempts to revive its struggling casino industry by grabbing a piece of what has become a multibillion-dollar industry, both legal and illegal.
Tyrone Johnson’s Week 17 NFL Picks
Hard to believe that is the final week of the regular season. The Giants control their own destiny for the NFC East title Sunday night, while the Jets need some help. The perfect week continues to elude me. Let's hope I saved the best for last....
Man Wins 57 Million, Casino Says Get Out!
We have all been to the casino. It is a lot of fun and while we don't expect to win, we do expect to have a good time. Most of us look over at the people who do win the jackpot and wonder why we can't be so lucky. One man thought he won BIG recently, but then his day took a turn.

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