If you're like me, your wife has probably said you have an irrational fear of zombies, and have spent entirely too much time coming up with zombie contingency plans. If you're also like me, you feel that those fears are completely rational, and the time I have spent planning how to escape and survive the coming zombie apocalypse is appropriate.

I know what I would do if the attacks started while I was here at the studio. I knew what I would do back at our apartment in Lakewood, but since we moved to Barnegat I've had to change my plans. I still have a good idea, but the distance to certain locations has changed, which makes certain options less appealing (although other ones are much more appealing).

Can you really be too safe? I SAY NO.

Jakes Branch County Park in Beachwood is holding a Zombie Survival camp, June 27-28 from 10am-1:30pm each day. They're calling it the "ultimate survival camp", and they'll teach you to make our own shelters and fire, use a bow and arrow, forage for food, and take the ultimate zombie survival challenge.

Unfortunately, the camp is only open for kids ages 10-13. Really, though, I'm pretty set for basic survival - I can build a shelter, I'm pretty sure I could get a fire going without matches, I used to be handy with a bow and arrow when I was a Boy Scout, and I can find food. It's good to teach the younger generation, though, so get the kids out there and get them ready to survive the undead!

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