So driving around Jersey you see a lot of things on our roads.

More often than not it's people cutting you off on 37 or 70, close calls on the Parkway or someone doing the famous Jersey Slide on the AC Expressway.

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The other day though I saw something driving from my apartment in Seaside Heights to the 105.7 The Hawk studio in Toms River that really made me scratch my head.

Driving down 37, in the parking lot of the Super Wawa right off of Garfield Avenue in Toms River there was a large pole with flashing blue lights at the top of it.

It also had solar panels and what looked like cameras at the top as well.

portable security cameras, parking lot security camera
Photo Credit: Buehler

I'll be perfectly honest, I've never seen one of these before and I was dying to know what exactly it was.

I walked into Wawa and asked the woman working the cash register if she had any idea.

She did not, which makes sense seeing how her job is to work the register not answer my dumb questions.

Walking back to my car, I noticed a logo on the side of this thing with the letters  LVT.

Thank God for the internet becasue after a quick search of LVT Parking Lot Solar Thing I finally had my answer.

According to the LVT website, the thing sitting in the Wawa parking lot off 37 is in fact for security. It's a camera.

LVT Security camera
Photo Credit: Buehler

These security systems are solar-powered, portable, and can be installed in pretty much any parking lot.

They're mainly used to monitor for theft and help to prevent shoplifting.

Honestly, with how crazy and crash-prone a Wawa parking lot is, having a video backup probably isn't the worst thing ever.

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