Roads are treacherous and visibility is even worse which is why Toms River Police and every other agency continues stressing to motorists the message of staying off the roads during the storm today.

"As the storm intensifies numerous motorists have not heeded the warnings sent out," TRPD Spokesman Ralph Stocco said. "Our police officers are risking their own safety to respond to vehicles stuck in the snow, spin outs off of the road, and minor crashes."

The best thing to do on a day like today is to stay home and after some shoveling sit down on the couch and watch a movie not risk venturing out into the storm for non-essentials.

"Some of the drivers reasons given to us when we reach them are that they were getting coffee, cigarettes, pet food and they just wanted to see how bad it was," Stocco said.

Police, Fire and EMS crews need to be able to respond to emergencies and plow crews need the road empty to clean and make it safe for others.

"Throughout the day please stay home and allow the road crew’s unobstructed time to clear the roadways. Helping us will help you," Stocco said.

A State of Emergency was declared by Governor Christie this morning meaning that only essential personnel are allowed on the roads.

Not long after that the New Jersey State Police issued a plea asking for people to clear the roads.

Bottom line: stay safe, stay inside.


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