It's no surprise that police activity in the downtown area has dwindled in the days and weeks following the closure of the Red Carpet Inn in Toms River but just how much crime has dropped may surprise you.

In the two months since the Inn was shut down the number of incidents reported by the Toms River Police Department for the area around the motel showed a noticeable decline.

The Township completed the purchase of the Red Carpet Inn on October 30, 2018.

The statistics below, provided by Toms River Township, are from the period of October 30– December 30 2018.

  • Burglaries were reduced by 50%
  • Narcotics incidents dropped 55%
  • Theft was reduced 12.5%
  • Arrests dropped 16.6%
  • Assaults fell 40%

“The largest decline occurred in disorderly persons’ incidents, which dropped from 13 to 1 or 92%,” Mayor Tom Kelaher said. “This reveals a clear correlation between increased crime and safety concerns driven by the motel’s operation. Since the closure of the Red Carpet Inn, statistics show that crime in the entire neighborhood came down."

According to police records, officers responded to over 750 incidents at the location since 2015.

“The police department worked closely with township officials and the recently created Quality of Life Task Force to identify and address pressing issues facing our community," Chief Mitch Little said. "The Red Carpet initiative is a result of great teamwork and cooperation by all involved. We look forward to a revitalization of our downtown area.”

"In order for our downtown businesses to grow and prosper, the public must feel safe to come down and enjoy all that our downtown has to offer," Councilman Terrance Turnbach, who’s ward 4 includes the downtown area said. "The purchase of the Red Carpet Inn by the Township, and the resulting significant decline in criminal activity, demonstrates the Township's commitment to the revitalization of our downtown."

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