I'm kind of surprised at the backlash that I've seen when it comes to the ban on single-use plastics. It is slightly annoying to not have grocery store plastic bags to use to pick up after my dogs, but other than that, I don't get why people get so fussy about bags or straws or styrofoam. I have a feeling a new proposal in Point Pleasant Beach might put some peoples' panties in a bunch.

The Point Pleasant Beach Council is looking to ban businesses or stores from selling plastic straws to a customer. The rule would extend beyond just going to a restaurant and not having a plastic straw in your drink - now you wouldn't even be able to buy them at ShopRite or whatever supermarket or pharmacy or any other store.

The ordinance would not apply to paper straws or a form of recyclable plastic that can break down in the environment.

The Ron Swanson in me believes the government has no right to tell me what I can or cannot buy with my money...but the hippie in me believes this has no real impact on your life, while it could have a great impact on the environment.

[via Patch]

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