I think as Americans we have a lot of things we are good at. We are good at eating , we are great at sports, but what we are the best at is complaining. We like to complain so much that we even have a list of words we hate. No matter how many issue we have in our lives we still seem to have too much time. The word that it is most annoying to people is "whatever". This is the third year in a row that the word "whatever" has won. As a person who says whatever a fair amount I am shocked that it won. I am more shocked though that they actually do a poll for the most annoying word.

I think this list is both inaccurate to go with wasteful. There are a lot of words more annoying then "whatever". Pudgy, pal, okra, gland, and buckshot are all much more annoying to say then "whatever". That is just off the top of my head. Separate from that, why in the world does this poll even exist? I never know who gets polled for things like this. Who has time to answer questions about words they don't like? This is what we do instead of curing cancer and AIDS. I bet the people who voted for "whatever" are failures. They fail at something and then get called on it. A person who is fed up with their act says to them "whatever" and they get furious. If they were doing a better job at life they would hear "whatever" less and it wouldn't bother them nearly as much.

We have to get it together people. This is ANOTHER example that the end of days in near. We do a yearly poll about words we don't like! I don't think everything in life should have a purpose but, I do believe that it should be entertaining or funny if it is not informative. This is just rubbish. I bet the people who audit this survey can't wait until next year to see if "whatever" can repeat as champion. That is very sad. Am I too worked up about this?

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