In this economy a lot of people have the right to complain. Unemployment is high and people are losing their homes. Health insurance continues to increase and without a cost of living raise this adds up to a pay cut for millions of Americans. We are lucky just being in America, living anywhere else would be TERRIBLE.Actors and actresses really need to shut their mouths though and George Clooney, star of the new film "The Descendants" has stepped up to say it. Clooney flat out said that it is time for actors to stop complaining about their wonderful lives. We have all had enough of these people complaining when so many people have real problems. Kristin Stewart, currently in the world's number one movie franchise Twilight, made statements so crazy I can't even repeat them. What would she think of her life is she had to have a real job? Johnny Depp, a fine actor, also made statements recently too stupid to repeat. Imagine if he had to go to work everyday and be a real cop and not just play one on TV?

There isn't much more annoying then a person complaining about being rich and famous. For every negative there are 100 positives. I wouldn't complain at all if I had the new Bentley. I would love to be able to take trips to fine locations. I would also love to access to the best parties and night clubs. So what if the paparazzi take a few pictures of me on my way to the grocery store. I guess I would cry too if I had to do a photo shoot where I got to keep the clothes.

We all need to be more grateful. Most of us have our health. Having a sound mind means that we are just one good idea or lucky break away from making big money. Actors already have the big money and STILL find a way to complain. People are starving, yet actors complain about their mansions and private planes. Please stop with the belly aching! Are you as tired of people complaining as I am?

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