Ben Stiller Led Television Series Films At Jersey Shore
New Jersey is becoming quite the destination for filming first-class television series and movies. This year's break-out hit The Equalizer with Queen Latifah has found a home filming in New Jersey. Last month an M. Night Shyamalan thriller, Servant, filmed in Ocean City. And we know all good things come in threes, so here's another exciting production that just wrapped in the Garden State!
Jim Carrey Gets Real Weird On GMA
Jim Carrey has always been an odd duck, but it seems the last few years he has somehow gotten even more strange. Good thing Michael Strahan has a cool sense of humor because Jim got a little up close and personal during a recent interview. Source: ENews
James Gandolfini Remembered by His Own Words
R.I.P. to James Gandolfini, a great actor and man, and someone who will be greatly missed by so many. You've probably heard many tributes to him by others, but here are some memorable quotes from the man himself courtesy of an article at
Top 5 Tuesday: Reality Check
Every Tuesday, we here at Just a Bit Outside roll out a Top Five list for your listening (and reading) pleasure. Because we use all of our creativity juice on-air, we call this "Top Five Tuesday." This week, we covered the Top 5 Professions That The Employees Take Way Too Seriously.
Clooney Tells Actors To Stop Complaining
In this economy a lot of people have the right to complain. Unemployment is high and people are losing their homes. Health insurance continues to increase and without a cost of living raise this adds up to a pay cut for millions of Americans. We are lucky just being in America, living anywhere else would be TERRIBLE.