Driving in Jersey can be, let's say an exciting experience.

Turn signals are optional, you don't want to miss your jug handle, and if you get stuck on 37, The Parkway, 70, or 9 at the wrong time of day then good luck getting home.

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But if you drive in the state enough then you become accustomed to our way of driving and you can work around it.

But what if Jersey made a change to how our traffic lights operated?

What if instead of three lights on each traffic light in Jersey, there were four lights?

Traffic lights that had green for go, yellow for proceed with caution (or pedal to the metal in Jersey), red for stop, and white for AV's.

And if you're thinking to yourself, what's an AV? You're not alone because I was confused too.

Researchers Propose A Fourth Color On Traffic Lights For Automated Vehicles

AV stands for automated vehicle, and what researchers want to do is add a fourth white light to traffic lights to allow these AV's to help control the flow of traffic.

In the future, red would still mean stop, yellow would still mean proceed with caution, green would mean go and white would mean drivers should follow the automated vehicle in front of them!

It's supposedly to control the flow of traffic and make the roads safer but I'm still trying to figure out how that would work.

Let's say the AV in front of you goes straight and you need to make a right when that light turns white do you have to completely readjust your route?

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I'm all for new tech, and ways to make life easier for drivers but I really don't see Jersey drivers being overly happy with the idea of this new traffic light design.

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