Get ready, Shake Shack fans!

A spokesman for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority said that the main building at the Monmouth service area on the Parkway is expected to open sometime Wednesday, May 22nd. An exact time hasn't been announced, which admittedly seems odd, but whenever it does open, you'll be able to eat at the first Shake Shack location in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. There will also be a Starbucks, Auntie Anne's, and ZMart.

shake shack
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

It was always sort of odd that the first Shake Shack in our area would be in a rest area, because it makes it less likely that you'd make a quick trip to get a burger and fries. Normally for something like this, there would be a big fanfare for the Grand Opening, with people lining up for "Free Shakes For A Year" or whatever, but this announcement seemed to come out of nowhere.

[via APP]

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