The section of Berkeley Township formerly known as the Beachwood/Pine Beach Plaza still sits with no activity. This large parcel of land has been sitting for years, recently cleared but still no activity.

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Now there has been a rumor of Amazon building in this area, but nothing so far. Is the "Amazon" project just a rumor or is it more of a reality? If it is going to happen, does anyone know when?

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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


I took a ride by the area recently and took some photos, but as you can see it's pretty quiet and empty. I do admit at least the area is cleared so that's better than the eyesore that sat for so long along Route 9.

We decided to ask YOU...what would you like to see happen with this parcel of land along busy Route 9 in Berkeley Township.

Mary: I understand and have heard this from many people, that there is an underground garage under all that concrete parking lot that houses antique cars, trolley's, etc??? Since you asked.....TRADER JOE'S

Darrin: Roller Skating Rink

Deborah: Something for kids to do or family’s ,bowling alley, movies ,anything if i had the money I’d do it!

Martha: Mom would drive Rt9 to Woolworths from Barnegat when we were kids. 5 of us in the car. As soon as we caught sight of the water tower in Beachwood we would all start chanting "water tower water tower".

So these are just a few of the comments we received...what's the deal is anything planned for this area or is it still up in the air as to what will eventually go there? Time will tell ....



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