Well as time has gone on this year, so has the construction of the new Ocean First building on Hooper Avenue in Toms River. Possibly the tallest building in Ocean County?

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We have been following the construction at the Ocean First site for the past year and now it's looking close to being finished...at least from the outward appearance.

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The new Ocean First Headquarters will possibly host up to 175 new jobs, according to a Brick-Shorebeat article. The building stands at nearly 100 feet tall and holds up to 79,000 square feet of office space.


Shawn Michaels


It has been something watching this huge building rise up along Hooper Avenue. Could this be the tallest building in Ocean County? people say maybe but definitely one of the tallest in the county. I was curious as to the tallest building in Toms River, and when asking our friends at Google “tallest building in Toms River” the answer I received was the Gateway Building on the Main Campus of Ocean County College. To be honest I think the new Ocean First building will be taller. In addition, some larger buildings in Toms River that come to mind (as being tall) include the Ocean County Justice Complex and Community Medical Center.

What buildings would you throw into the mix as "tallest" in Ocean County? Another that has been mentioned is the Crystal Lake Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Berkeley Township.


Shawn Michaels


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