It's been over a decade since the first time 105.7 the Hawk teamed up with Ocean of Love for the annual Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon. Over $1,000,000 (Yes...One million dollars) has been raised for the charity to date during this wonderful week that unites members from all over our community in supporting one common cause. Today marked the first day in this year's journey in reaching our goal of yearly goal of raising $105,700+ in only one week.

Hawk DJ Andy Chase is currently posted up on a Billboard in the Target/Lowe's Plaza on Hooper Ave. in Toms River. This Billboard will be his home for the next week OR until we reach our goal $105,700 for Ocean of Love. Check out his ascent earlier today:

Batman also swung by today and dropped off his hot ride, the original Adam West edition Batmobile. Much like the Dark Knight himself, Ocean of Love has fought their fair share of crime over the years. OOL child Erica Valez got the chance to ride shotgun in the Batmobile.

Say hello to Erica Valez, Superhero.

If there is one lesson we've learned today and we will learn all week, it's that teamwork is what makes the world go 'round. So skip buying that last beer at the bar, ignore those tchotchkis laying around at the supermarket check-out line, and come join us here at the Target/Lowe's Plaza on Hooper Ave. in Toms River all week long to help support a great cause.

Kids helping kids.
Day 1 total. Andy Chase will not come down from the Billboard until we reach our goal of $105,700. Help us bring Andy down!