If you've been to the Wawa on 195 Mathistown Road in Little Egg Harbor in the past few days, you might want to line up a COVID test.

A post on Facebook shared a picture of the sign that was taped to the front door of the Wawa:

Just in case that post gets taken down, here's what it said:

Dear Customer

Wawa has been notified by an associate who recently worked in our store located at 195 Mathistown Rd, Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08087 they have received a positive test result for COVID-19.

In according with our stringent protocols, we took immediate action and closed the store to to have it professionally cleaned and disinfected. The store will reopen as soon as possible with associates from neighboring stores, if needed. We are working with the Department of Health on notifications to any associate who may have had close contact with the associate. The last date the associate worked was September 12.

As always, the health and safety of our customers and associates is a top priority. We will do everything we can to support our impacted associate and take all necessary steps to monitor, safeguard and protect our associates and customers.

We encourage you to reach out to the local Department of Health if you have an concerns.

We thank you for your patience as we navigate these challenging times together.

Well damn. I know I've been to that Wawa, but luckily it's not part of my daily routine. I can't even guess how many people go in and out of any given Wawa on any given day, so if you have a habit of hitting up that Wawa in LEH, and you were there last week, you might want to get a test just to be safe.

My awesome coworker Mark Anthony @ WOBM shared the story.

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