A police dog with the West Windsor Police Department was honored in a retirement ceremony after spending a decade on the force.

I have a special fondness for that dog, because he's a family friend. It's an odd thing to be friends with a police dog, because he's this big huge intimidating beast, but when he's relaxed at his home, he's just a dog who wants to play. He'll pick up his rope, smack me in the leg with the end, and demand to play tug until my shoulder gets sore. The first time he met Baby Varacchi, he ran right up to her to give her a sniff, she jumped into my arms screaming, and the dog ran scared into the next room.

Cherno is also playing the role of big brother and mentor to Mackey, the new K9 Officer with West Windsor.

It's a well-deserved retirement for Cherno!

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