This dog just may be the cutest thing you see all day.

The Seaside Park Police Department introduced us all to K9 Lock on their Instagram - the Police Department says he's a Belgian Malinois who is from the Plumsted Police Department and was in training with them. Well, everyone needs a break from work from time to time, because Lock stood right next to the Seaside Park Police SUV and struck a pose! Check it out:

An ADORABLE photo like that has the power to melt all the snow on the ground, right! Look how happy Lock is to be playing in the snow! Everything about this piocture is perfect - the scenery, Lock's happy little stance, and big smile! I wish snow still made me that happy.

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If you have a dog, do they like being in the snow? I have friends whose dogs love it, and some who have dogs that absolutely can't stand it. It's usually the bigger dogs that don't mind the snow and the smaller ones who would rather be inside. Maybe the more important question is - do you like taking your dog out in the snow? I can imagine what a pain in the butt that would be, but I mean if your dog has a smile that looks anything like Lock's it would be worth it!

H/T: Seaside Park Police Department, Instagram

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