It's a story of giving back and giving towards a great cause and the reunion that followed is heartwarming.

In February of 2018, Donna Mitchell of Brick had to put her beloved Lhasa Apso, “Frosty,” to sleep.

She had rescued Frosty from a shelter only eight years prior and the two of them had become the best of friends.

Feeling the loss of her dear companion, she wanted to do something to honor his memory.

Mitchell purchased a tactical vest for one of the Brick Police K9s, and she reached out to Sgt. Paul Catalina, who oversees the K9 unit.

Brick Police’s newest K9 Team, Officer Smith and Echo, completed their training earlier this year and hit the streets.

"And thanks to Donna’s generosity, and Frosty’s memory, they can do so more safely now," Brick Police said.

Echo’s vest, which is built to exceed threat level II standards and can stop a variety of handgun rounds and bladed weapons, bears the memory of Frosty with the words, “In Memory of Frosty Mitchell.”

On Thursday afternoon, Mitchell visited the police department to see how K9 Echo’s body armor was working out.

It was a sweet reunion between Echo’s K9 Handler, Officer Scott Smith, and Donna.

Donna even got a chance to snap some pictures with them while giving Echo some pats on the head.

During the reunion Officer Smith got to show Donna this memorialization of Frosty and told her, “The words are on the vest right where Echo’s heart is.”

"Understandably, it was an emotional moment for Donna Mitchell, but one which she was thankful to be a part of," Brick Police said.

The vest is a patrol/swat vest made by the company K9 Storm and cost over $3,000.00.

Through custom sizing and special design, it cuts back on material, keeping it light enough to allow Echo to maintain full mobility and agility while also keeping his heat levels down.

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