I'm not 100% certain, but if I won $2million playing the lotto, I'd quit while I was ahead. Maybe the allure of gambling would pull me in, playing with house money and all, but I'm pretty sure I would say lightning wouldn't strike twice, and just keep my two mil.

Lightning did strike twice for Newark's Freddie Robinson, as he hit a NJ Lotto jackpot twice in two years!

In 2017, Robinson won a huge $2million jackpot on a scratch-off (I didn't know scratch-off prizes even went that high). Earlier this summer, Robinson bought a handful of $10 scratch-off tickets - the first few were duds, and he was happy to win $50 on his next-to-last ticket. Fifty bucks was nothing compared to the last ticket he scratched, which won him $250,000!

I gotta start buying more scratch-offs.

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