I recently conducted a very unscientific survey, looking for the most beautiful locations here at home in Ocean County. I recently posted an article that highlighted the most "quaint" and "charming" shore towns in New Jersey two Ocean County towns made the list and they are included in your selections for the most beautiful spots here in Ocean County.


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I thank you at home for taking the time to respond to my question, what are the most beautiful locations here in Ocean County? We did get a few sarcastic remarks, but I think the majority of us agree we have a lot of beautiful spots to enjoy here in Ocean County.



Obviously one of our strengths here in Ocean County is our beautiful shoreline and the majority of our responses were for areas located on the waterfront here in the county. Our area parks both county and state also had a big showing here in Ocean County. I hope after you check out our survey that maybe you take a ride and check out some of these if not all, areas if you have never visited them. Make it a fun and scenic scavenger hunt and enjoy.

Scroll through our photos below and see if you agree with other residents and where they selected as beautiful locations in Ocean County. Again thanks for your selections and if we missed a spot, drop a comment below and tell us where you think we should add to our list :)


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