French Toast is a breakfast staple when done right.

Trust me when I say I've had my fair share of bad french toast.

Too much egg, not enough crunch on the outside, and just an overall lack of flavor.

Photo by I Do Nothing But Love on Unsplash
Photo by I Do Nothing But Love on Unsplash

Fortunately for us living near the Jersey Shore, we have a ton of places that cook up some amazing French Toast when the hankerin' strikes.

For example, you have Shut Up And Eat in Toms River, The Sandbox Cafe in Surf City, or any of our diners.

In my opinion, what makes French Toast delicious is balance; it has to have the right amount of density yet still be fluffy, it can't have too much egg, and needs to have a crunchy crust.

Now in New Jersey, we of course take our breakfast foods incredibly seriously so when someone says they've found the best of the best our ears perk up a bit.

The experts at Eat This Not That are known for making tough decisions and widdling down the best foods in each state.

And they've found what they're calling the absolute best French Toast in the Garden State.

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash
Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

So, Who Has New Jersey's Best French Toast?

You'll have to get in your car and take a quick drive down the Parkway to Cape May.

This place makes delicious sourdough French Toast, and if you're really looking for something different you can try some of their specialty French toast.

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They make banana french toast and limoncello french toast that is out of this world.

The restaurant's been open since 1968 and has four locations between Cape May and Wildwood.

Any guesses?

Congratulations to George's Place in Cape May for being voted the best French Toast in New Jersey!

That looks mouthwateringly delicious!

Georges Place has two locations in Cape May, one location off Route 9 in Cape May Courthouse as well as a location in Wildwood.

Georges Place is open Thursday through Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM, serves breakfast lunch, and dinner, and is cash only.

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