Monmouth QB Alex Tanney garnered a bit of fame through his "trick shot" compilation on YouTube, and has caught the eye of a team from the NFL.



Several NFL teams asked Tanney to compete in their rookie mini-camps this month, and he accepted the invitation of the Bills.

"I'm from a small school, and the only thing I've ever really wanted was an opportunity to get into a camp," the 23-year-old Tanney told "And now I have that in Buffalo, so I'm anxious to get out there and compete for a spot."

Tanney does have some  impressive stats beyond just YouTube stunts. The 14,429 yards he passed for at Monmouth gave him the all-time Division III record, and his 157 touchdown passes is the all-time NCAA mark.


EDIT - I originally found this on Yahoo! Sports, and the author there said Tanney was a Monmouth University QB. Being a Monmouth alum, I thought it would be a cool story. However, my fact-checking skills seem to be better than a national sports columnist; Tanney is from Monmouth College, not Monmouth University. Big difference. MU is in West Long Branch, NJ. MC is in Illinois. Still a cool story and a video worth watching.