One of the great things about living at the Jersey Shore year round is "Local" Summer.

If you're not familiar with what is "Local" summer. It's simple...We, the "locals" get a little peace and quiet after Labor Day weekend for the month of September (and October thru Memorial Day) from all the people who come down the shore from North Jersey and Staten Island all summer long.

Local Summer (normally) means:

  • Beaches are Free- No badge checkers/ No lifeguards after Labor day
  • Walking the Boardwalks is relaxing again
  • Parkway traffic is considerably lighter
  • Less wait time at restaurants
  • Fewer boats/Wave Runners on the water
  • Local street/beach festivals
  • Not as many cover charges at bars
  • Eventually, Parking meters are free

So as I was saying...Local summer this year, because of COVID, won't be so local...Beach towns are keeping lifeguards and beach badge checkers through the month of September. People are still working from home (their beach homes) kids aren't going back to school...

Like it or not...The "Bennies" will be around for a little bit longer.

I kind of get it...As much as we want the beaches to be free in September, and also enjoy the peace and quiet that I was talking about earlier,  a lot of businesses and towns lost a lot of revenue in the spring and early summer due to the restrictions because of the COVID pandemic, so it's understandable to extend things to make up some income.

These Jersey Shore towns are "extending" summer by keeping lifeguards and badge checkers employed to try to make up for lost revenue from spring and early summer.

Our friends at the Asbury Park Press put this list together.

Ortley Beach 

Lifeguards will staff the beach for the three weekends after Labor Day (Sept. 12, 13; 19,20 and 26, 27). Beaches will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., weather permitting. Restrooms will be open daily. On the weekends, season badges will continue to be honored and daily badges will be sold.

Seaside Heights

Beaches will be open and staffed seven days a week through Sept.30. All beaches will be open on weekends, while during the week, four of the borough's beaches are scheduled to be staffed. The Borough Council is expected to finalize plans for extending the summer season at its Sept. 2 meeting.

Seaside Park

Beaches will be open and staffed by lifeguards and badge cheon weekends only through September.

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