Let's Be Cops  (2014)

Sometimes I'm drawn to a movie simply because I'm curious as to how they intend to make a concept into a full-length feature. This has happened in the past with horror movies like "Open Water" or 2010's "Frozen", where you get the initial concept and wonder how the conflict won't be resolved in the first ten minutes. With "Let's Be Cops", you could expect the protagonists to don police outfits, go for a joyride, then get busted the first time someone calls them out on it.

Two stars from the show "New Girl" take the lead in this movie. My wife watches that show, and I've been in the room for a few episodes. I'm not a fan of Zooey Deschanel, but the rest of the male characters have had some good parts, and Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr are solid. It's evident that they have chemistry together, and their comfort helps keep the characters real.

Both guys are losers, one a failed football player, the other an unsuccessful video game developer. After pitching a game about cops, Justin (Wayans) comes home with two complete police uniforms. After leaving a costume party, the two notice that everyone around them is treating them differently, simply because of what they are wearing. They have their initial fun, and Justin is ready to be done. Ryan (Johnson) decides that they can take things much further, and dives headfirst into the world of becoming a cop.

The movie could've been one-note, just constant gags on how people look at the police, and how a random schmuck could abuse that power. Instead, things just spiral deeper and deeper until the pair are involved with a drug cartel who is armed to the teeth and operating under the safety of some dirty cops.

This is a great example of one of those movies where you find yourself saying that could never happen, but actually might be able to happen, but really couldn't. Could two guys put on police uniforms and walk down a city street and hassle civilians? Sure. Could two guys actually get away with buying an old Crown Vic, decorating it in police decals, and not get busted? Doubtful. But then again, how often do we hear the phrase "if you act like you belong, no one will question you"?



On the [Celluloid Hero] scale, "Let's Be Cops" gets a 6 out of 10.


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