Know thine enemies. This is the third week of my journey into the world of the Keto diet. While I am maintaining the, “keto way” I am learning a lot. For instance, ALL carbs and sugars are the enemy. An apple a day does not keep the doctor away, it increases your glucose. It’s the same with all fruit and vegetables that are starchy, or grown below the earth. I also found out that another enemy is the scale!

This week I maintained my weight, but I noticed my clothes are fitting differently. This means I'm losing fat, but not weight, if that makes sense. It’s working! The Keto diet is working. I haven’t eaten this much butter, steak or bacon in years. I'm not gaining weight, but I'm losing fat! My lesson for the week was confirmed with the measuring tape. I lost two inches around my belly. Next week as the weather changes, I will start hitting the bricks. My exercise regimen has been altered because of a neck surgery, but I can and will start walking again. Looking forward to that, and the future.

I want to thank a couple of people for kick-starting me into this new lifestyle. My friends and co-workers, Jasmine and Mark. Jasmine, for first telling me about the Keto lifestyle. She has been doing Keto for months, and she looks great! Mark, for gifting me a ketone and blood glucose monitor. One stick of the finger, and you can read both glucose and ketones. They are two people that are going to help keep me accountable. I also want to thank you for checking in on me, and perhaps maybe I can influence you, too. Comment as you see fit. Until next week. Rock on, party people!

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