I will start by saying that I love "Separate Ways" by Journey, but everytime I hear the song, I always think of the music video and just how bad the video is.

Bad might be a little harsh, so maybe it's the fact that it has such a creepiness factor to it. Not to mention how cheesy it is as well. I think the "cheese" factor takes it to the next level of awful actually.

I understand it was the early 80's. Music Video's were relatively new, and the technology wasn't that great, but come on. The acting stinks. They are on some loading dock by a river basically stalking some woman walking around with nowhere to go. (Run! Run for your life!!)

By the way, what's with the maze of wooden pallets? (2:23 mark)

I have to say though, it's her legs and mini skirt that make the video somewhat tolerable.

So between the overly-acted emotions of the band, the "air-playing" of their instruments, and the premise of the music video, does it get much worse than this?

I think not!

What are some really bad music video's that you can remember from the 80's? Let us know in the comment box below after you watch this masterpiece of music cinema


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