Steve Perry will release Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches), an acoustic version of 2018's Traces, on Dec. 4

Traces (Alternative Versions and Sketches), which can be pre-ordered at Perry's website, features updates of seven songs found on the original. Alternative Versions and Sketches opens with a radio mix of "Most of All"; check out Perry's visualizer video for the song below. He's also released a radio-mix version of "Most of All" to promote this new project.

Perry first teased the record in an October interview with Rolling Stone, noting that he's "really proud" of the revamped versions. "The acoustic Traces is going to close the Traces chapter," he added. "Then I'm opening up another chapter next year at some point."

Traces was his first solo studio project in nearly 25 years, following 1994's For the Love of Strange Medicine. Perry's last record with Journey, Trial by Fire, came out two years later. He largely avoided the limelight after separating from the group, but then became inspired to reignite his career following the 2012 death of girlfriend Kellie Nash.

“I made a promise to her that I would not go back into hibernation,” he told Rolling Stone. “She asked that I wouldn’t do that because she felt it would make everything for naught. Those were her words. I kept that promise.”

Perry said his next chapter will likely include more new music: "I have a studio and I'm always writing and always recording stuff."

Fantasy Records
Fantasy Records

Steve Perry, 'Traces (Alternate Versions and Sketches)' Track Listing
1. "Most of All" (Radio Mix)
2. "No Erasin'" (Acoustic)
3. "I Need You" (Acoustic)
4. "No More Cryin'" (Acoustic)
5. "Most of All" (Stripped)
6. "We’re Still Here" (Acoustic)
7. "You Belong to Me" (Stripped)
8. "Sun Shines Gray" (Acoustic)

Listen to Steve Perry's Stripped-Down Version of 'Most of All'



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