Just to make things clear, the drunk guy you see in the cover photo is not me. When you type "Drunk People" on Getty Images, you get a handful of interesting pictures to choose from. I decided to use the random dude above because, well, why not? Not only would posting a drunk picture of me harm my career but also, my mother would be very disappointed. If mom ain't happy, nobody is happy! To keep things professional... here's a picture of me holding my niece.

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Now let's get unprofessional...

To start, here is the music video for 'Shots':

The other day I found myself taking shots at Martell's Tiki Bar. I have a unique work schedule so I took advantage of Tiki Monday. It was the first time I ever experienced a Tiki Monday and it did not disappoint. It was honestly the most fun I had all summer. The crowd was wild and very interesting. Luckily, I went with a friend who also had the day off from work...

As I was mingling and meeting new people (trying to flirt), I was told by a female to order "white tea shots"...

I was completely unaware I was being used to buy drinks... but that's a different topic.

I said, "Huh? What are white tea shots? Do you mean green tea shots?"

"No. Just tell the bartender you want four white tea shots," she said.

After I asked, the Martell's bartender said, "White tea's are becoming everybody's new favorite shot." Up until that point, I never even heard of a "white tea shot", but I am always down to try something new. The bartender made the shots with regular vodka, peach schnapps, sour mix, and sprite. It's exactly like a green tea shot but instead of using whisky, you use vodka.

Three hours and 8 white tea shots later, I can easily say that I will never be drinking another white tea shot again. The taste was great, but I totally overdid it. just writing this article is making me cringe.

Words can't describe how I was feeling later that night after Tiki Monday.

However, moving forward this summer, this could be the perfect drink for you!

P.S.- My bartender friend said she uses orange vodka instead of regular vodka when making white tea shots. "Using orange vodka makes it taste better," she said.

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