Who doesn't love digging through the archives and pulling out some awesome (and possibly embarrassing) old pix?

The Hawk is teaming up with Miller Lite this summer as they bring back their old school white cans, so we can all celebrate #throwbackthursday! Post your pic here!

We're asking you to share your #tbtMillerLite pictures, and you can Instagram yours directly to us and have it featured on our site! You can Instagram to #itsmillertime too. We want your retro pix from back in the day, and we want to hear your favorite Miller stories...



Alright, this week I found a bunch of pix from 2009!  The first few pix highlight the AMAZING sideburns that my girlfriend eventually convinced/forced me to shave off. I met Ralph Pagano (the guy in the "Live United" shirt) and he gave me some cheesy corn-on-the-cob. Bob Dylan played at FirstEnergy Park, where we gave away a washer and dryer that Dylan himself bought. Apparently I won a big trophy at some point, and then wrapped up the year with former NY Giant punter Sean Landeta.