As you can see, I have been a Billy Joel fan for over forty years. The album "The Stranger" was, and still is, an amazing album.

This picture was taken when I was eight years old living in Des Plaines, Illinois. You digging my corduroy pants?? My turtleneck shirt? I certainly matched my couch

This picture showed up on my personal Facebook page today, and it's funny how one person's brain works...This picture popped up on my Facebook page today, and I don't ever remember posting it to Facebook eight years ago. I actually remember vaguely this picture being taken

I was sitting in my family room listening to The Stranger album by Billy Joel just following along with the lyrics as the record played on the turntable, and I remember one of my grandparents took the photo while the record was playing

I recall Billy Joel always had cool record sleeves with awesome photos, lyrics, and liner notes.

I remember as a kid, sometimes you would open up a brand new album and the record sleeve was just plain white sleeve with no photos or print. It was such a bummer

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Andy Chase
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