Fingernails on a chalkboard, a person chewing food with their mouth open, and a baby crying on an airplane are some of the worst sounds in the world...

What about the sound of an Emergency Alert on your phone at 4:45 in the morning?

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Ughhh! I understand it's important to send people emergency alerts but it's the last thing I want to be awakened from while I'm getting my beauty sleep... lord knows I need it.

Before being shocked by the tornado alert, I was in the midst of a very strange dream. I won't use names, but I was attending a good friend's wedding. In real life, this friend is happily engaged and he plans to get married next year.

The "dream" wedding could not have been going better. The churched looked beautiful and the flower girl and the ring bearer executed flawlessly. The groom and groomsmen looked studly as the bridesmaids strolled up the aisle. The anticipation of 'Here Comes The Bride' was building.

As the beautiful bride entered the church and made it to the altar, the preacher began the ceremony. It was wonderful, I was sitting in row four in the aisle seat with a perfect view to watch my friend get married. The ceremony moved along in perfect fashion and just as the moment of truth was about to occur, instead of hearing "I Do", I was stunned by a tornado alert.

Is this a sign? Should my friend call off the wedding? Or was Tropical Storm Elsa just messing with my friend?

P.S. If you are one of my friends reading this, don't ask which couple it was because I won't tell you!

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