The spot on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk where the Beach Bar once stood has been empty since 2012 when Hurricane Sandy destroyed it.

Well, all that might be changing......

According to Shorebeat, a meeting was held on Monday where a site plan was proposed for the plot of boardwalk and beach space. The article also says:

"Plans call for six 30-by-18 foot boardwalk kiosks on the boardwalk itself, a restaurant, an in-ground pool, a 7,500 square foot Beach Bar, 10-by-12 foot cabanas, two 40-by-25 foot club buildings, and a banquet space on the ocean side of the existing boardwalk".

If this gets developed, it will be beautiful!

And to make things even more interesting, I was on YouTube looking for some old footage of the original Beach Bar...Instead, I found this:

This 3D video animation was posted in the Spring of 2017, so I don't know if the two are connected,  but check out what the video says at the very end. (cue the dramatic music) This is definitely exciting.

Keep checking back here for any updates that become available because we will have them.

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