Did you make it to Kite fest earlier this week?

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I'm a brand New, New Jersey Resident and have been hearing about this for the better part of two or three months.

I'd never been before and I wasn't sure fully what to expect, but was excited either way.

At first, I thought it was just going to be a bunch of people flying dollar store kites in droves.

That'd still be a cool site to see, but not really worth a two day festival, right?

Cut to the first day of August, I was driving down Ocean Avenue in Point Pleasant towards Jenkinson's looking for where exactly I was supposed to be going for Kite Fest.

I looked up, and instantly realized that not only was I wrong about the magnitude of Kite Fest, but also that I needed to make a right towards the kites.

Now, Monday was not a great beach day; it was overcast, chilly, and the skies were drizzling.

That being said it made for pretty decent kite weather.

The wind was strong enough to launch into the sky a larger than life astronaut, shark, huge snake kites, dragon kites and more.

Day two of Kite fest was a great beach day; the sun was shining, there was a solid breeze, and there were some really cool kites on the beach.

Some of my favorites, which you'll see below include a sperm whale, something that looked like Qbert, as well as Big Blue.

I can honestly say, kite fest was totally different than what I was imagining and I am already looking forward to next years festivities!

Amazing Views From Kite Fest 2022

Kite Fest 2022 was great! Here are a couple of my favorite kites from the two-day event!

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