We've had some pretty crazy weather over the past couple of weeks in Jersey.

It feels like we went from mild Spring temperatures in mid-June to a massive heat wave that just refuses to break.

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It's been nothing but hot temperatures and high levels of humidity, a great combination.

Even on the few occasions we did get some rain, it did nothing to break the heat and now it looks like this weekend we could experience some of the effects of Hurricane Beryl which made landfall in Texas earlier this week.

Hurricane Beryl Rips Through Texas

After making landfall, Beryl caused 80-mile-per-hour winds, and storm surges and has left millions without power in Texas, according to USA Today.

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Beryl also triggered tornado warnings in surrounding states like Arkansas and Louisiana.

New Jersey Could Feel The Effects Of Beryl This Week

Hurricane Beryl is now on a path across the country and is headed toward the North East, according to our in-house meteorologist Dan Zarrow we could see some heavy and fast-moving thunderstorms blow through the area on Wednesday.

We could also experience some pretty wild wind gusts.

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Hurricane Beryl isn't actually going to reach the Garden State but rather is headed toward the Great Lakes according to NJ.com.

That being said though we will still feel the Hurricane's effects and could see a pretty wet weekend in Jersey too.

With strong storms blowing through Jersey over the next couple of days you'll want to take the necessary steps to prevent any flooding on your property, and hopefully, these storms will finally get us through this insane heat wave we've been suffering through.

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