When the temperatures start to skyrocket, there's really no better place to go than to the shore.

The cool ocean breeze and refreshing ocean waters can do wonders when it's humid and in the mid to upper 90s on the mainland.

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Sometimes though, we don't find any relief on the beach especially when the sun has been beating down on the sand all day.

You know the feeling when you're carrying your beach chair to spot, and you feel that slow burning sensation working around your feet as you trek through the sand only to have to start sprinting to avoid the pain.

Sand can get seriously hot, and that's because it takes less energy from the sun in order to get sand up to an unbearable temperature.

And a little fun fact; darker sand absorbs heat at a faster rate than lighter sand.

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3 New Jersey Beaches Are Ranked Among The Hottest In The Country

24/7 Tempo, the travel experts, ranked the 50 hottest beaches in America, and 3 of them are right here in the Garden State.

And by hot, we're talking about how quickly the sand tends to heat up to a nearly unbearable temperature.

Avon By The Sea came in at the 37th hottest beach, with an average sand temperature somewhere around 91.7 degrees.

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Bradly Beach was the 26 hottest beach, the sand there averages a temperature of around 92.6 degrees in the summer.

And Ocean Grove ranked as the 23rd hottest beach, the sand there averages somewhere around 93.3 degrees in the summer.

Do you think it's a coincidence all of Jersey's hottest beaches are located in Monmouth County?

Maybe this summer you want to bring the family dog to the beach, if so, you'll have to check out these dog-friendly beaches near the Jersey Shore.

Here Are All Of The Beaches You Can Take Your Dog To In New Jersey

According to Shore News Network, these are the best dog-friendly beaches you can visit during the off-season at the Jersey Shore! Please note municipalities may change rules, so always be sure to double-check the town websites before you take your dog out to the beach!

Gallery Credit: Buehler

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